Pre-admission Process

  • Tour different facilities and learn about their special features and what makes them unique. For instance, Shady Palms is family owned and operated, has been serving Tampa for over 30 years by the same family, is known for providing excellent care, having longevity in staff members (Many over 18 years with Shady Palms, each manager has a minimum of 10 years experience with Shady Palms), Shady Palms offers a unique homelike setting similar to a bed and breakfast decor, country cooking, and a high staff to resident ratio.
  • Use the provided Facility Rate Checklist to help compare and identify costs of the different ALF’s you visit.
  • Finalize your decision.
  • Have your health care provider fill out the designated AHCA 1823 Health Assessment Form. (provided in the welcome packet)
  • If you choose Shady Palms, please fill out the waiting list referral form and return it to the business office or notify the business office by phone or person.

On Admission Day

  • Plan on at least 45 minutes for the admission process.
  • Bring all pertinent information such as:
    • Power of Attorney
    • Living Will
    • Health Care Surrogate
    • DD214 if applicable (for programs)
    • Bank Statement if applicable (for programs)
    • Insurance Cards
    • Identification (Drivers License)
  • Label all clothing articles with the name of your loved one in waterproof ink.
  • If you choose Shady Palms bring a healthy appetite and get ready for Shady Palms to “not only add years to life, but also add life to years!”