What if I do not make enough money to pay the monthly obligation?

Shady Palms is different than most private pay facilities in that we will work with each individual and their income. There are many programs that are available to indiviuals in Assisted Living. Please do not hesitate to setup a meeting with the Administrator to go over the many options available that help in subsidizing the monthly obligation.

What are the programs that help in subsidizing the monthly obligation?

  • Social Security Income
  • Optional State Supplementation Program
  • Assited Care Services
  • The Medicaid Waiver Program
  • The Long Term Diversion Program
  • VA Aide and Attendance Program

Are there any entrance fees, security deposits, or any other ancillary charges due upon admission?

  • No, Shady Palms does not charge an entrance fee, nor a security deposit. The only charge will be that of the contracted monthly obligation.
  • If the resident moves in on any other day besides the 1st, then the obligation will be prorated.

Will the facility help me in getting on a program to help in subsidizing the monthly obligation?

Yes, Shady Palms will assist as much as possible. However, some programs require the family to call and place the referral or provide additional information.